Temperature-Controlled Storage in Macomb, Illinois

Not all your belongings have the same storage requirements – some things need an additional layer of protection. That’s why U-Store-It offers temperature-controlled storage. This specialized storage type uses technology to maintain consistent, controlled temperature and moisture levels at all times. Temperature-controlled storage is the ideal option for storing belongings that can be negatively affected by seasonal shifts in weather.

Why Choose Temperature-Controlled Storage?

While many of the belongings you store with us won’t require a temperature-controlled unit, you’ll want to take advantage of this specialty option for the items that do. Things like musical instruments, electronics, wood or leather furniture, artwork, photographs, and more can be adversely affected by shifts in humidity and temperature. Need help determining if your belongings would benefit from this type of storage? Our friendly storage professionals are here and ready to help. Call us anytime.

Find the right storage unit for your needs at U-Store-It in Macomb, Illinois.